For a long time Höskuldur, and later on Artemisia, lived on the beautiful farm Nautabú, in the valley Hjaltadalur in Skagafjörður, northern Iceland. Last year a big decision was made when Höskuldur, Artemisia and Héðinn decided to move to the south (near Selfoss) in search of new adventures and a new home. Their main practices still include horse breeding and training, riding instruction and veterinary practices.

The stable
Höskuldur and Héðinn

Höskuldur Jensson was born and raised on the farm Hellubær in Borgarfjörður. He grew up in a family with long tradition of breeding and training horses. He studied veterinary medicine at Veterinary University of Norway in Oslo and graduated in 1994. Since then he has worked as a private practicing veterinarian in Iceland. His field of interest has always been horses and especially equine reproduction. He has been working with artificial inseminations and embryo transfer since 1999. He has also been a part time teacher at Holar for many years giving lessons in anatomy, physiology and healthcare of horses.




Artemisia Bertus was born and raised in Maastricht, the Netherlands. She is from an artist-family and the third of four siblings. She is the only one who got into horses. In 2000 she came to Iceland for the first time, and settled there in 2002. In 2005 she graduated as a trainer and riding teacher from the University in Hólar, rewarded with the highest scores both in teaching and riding. In the years that followed she worked as a riding teacher in Hólar, but also as a horsetrainer on a few of the best breeding farms in Iceland (Blesastaðir 1a, Auðsholtshjáleiga, Þjóðólfshagi 1, Hafsteinsstaðir). Today she works as a horsetrainer and riding teacher besides being a passionate horsebreeder. Artemisia is an active competition rider. Her biggest achievement is definitely winning the extremely popular indoor-competition “Meistaradeild” in 2012, in south Iceland, also being rewarded as the most professional rider during all competitions. In 2017 she received gold in V1 at the Icelandic Championships with her horse Korgur frá Ingólfshvoli, with a score of 8.27. Besides winning she also got rewarded with the FT-feather for good and harmonious riding. Also in 2017 Artemisia was an A-finalist in V1 at the World Championships in Oirschot, the Netherlands.